About us

VANTAYdecor was established in 2013, with the desire to create interior space oriented to green space, comfortable and full of energy, inspired by the diverse beauty and healing benefits of nature.

Interior space are not just aesthetically in the eyes of the viewer but also is a prerequisite factor in their business. By applying the green design, your space will bring a fresh and pleasant experience to anyone who steps inside.

With that mindset of our customers, VANTAYdecor always see ourselves as a CO-TECTONIC.

Người đồng kiến tạo?

A SYMPATHETIC person with the business goals, ideas and dreams of the business owner
Be a COMPANION on everything from sketching a drawing to part execution and even after completing the project.
We are who "ACCOMPANY" you to finish deadlines, milestones, and finalize the cost between us
Being a PARTNER who puts enthusiasm in the client's project as his own project

And we are constantly trying to develop ourselves in the market and contribute more greenness to life!